Jul. 22nd, 2012

littleheaven: (Self Portrait by Little Heaven)
 Goodness, I'm posting! 

I've not been doing much that's worth posting about, to be honest. Definitely nothing fandom-y, anyway, unless you count recently embarking on a rewatch of ST Voyager (the person responsible knows who she is!).

But last week I suddenly decided my website needed a makeover. Currently my site houses both my fanfic and fanvids. Problem is, I occasionally want to direct RL friends toward the vids but don't want them stumbling across Angel/Cordy PWPs in the process. So I'm splitting the content into 2 sites. More people are likely to have links to the vids these days, so that part will keep the current URL, and the fic will get a new home.

Dissatisfied with the current ugly, generic Rapidweaver theme (which is still 100 times better than the REALLY ugly site I once made in FrontPage), I decided to finally shell out a bit of money and buy a professionally designed theme, some plugins and stock photography for the slideshow banner. So far I've only done the landing pages but I am SO happy with them. It looks all grown up'n'shit! Watch this space.

I've also pondered blogging about my recent epiphany surrounding certain beauty products. After a lifetime of no skin problems, I developed perioral dermatitis last December and have not been able to get rid of it, which led to a crusade to eliminate chemicals from my skin and hair are, and my makeup. Because I have so much extra time on my hands. *snort*

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