Jul. 24th, 2012

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The fic has moved. It now lives at http://www.littleheavenfic.dbfandom.com/Home.html

The vids will remain where they are, although shortly they'll get a facelift.
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Okay, seriously. I should say this on my Facebook page, but will probably alienate half the people on there, since I'm talking about a good chunk of them. THINK, PEOPLE, before re-posting all this inane drivel! (Disclaimer - I don't mean funny pictures, those are great, I mean the stupid "repost this if..." comments.) Check if it's a hoax. Don't fill my timeline with disturbing pictures, and inane statements, assuming that posting some lame paragraph on Facebook is going to make a difference in the world. It isn't. You're not helping anyone by announcing for 60 minutes that you know someone who has/had cancer. If you want to make a real difference, go volunteer at the Cancer Society, or donate something to Hospice. Stop being so blinkered and gullible.

And for the love of God, the next person that posts the "drug companies have known how to cure cancer for years, but don't want to because it's such a growth industry" thing is going to get the biggest cyber-smackdown ever. Do they even stop to think about how that makes anyone who is battling cancer feel? Or how it makes me feel, having seen my husband die the cruelest, most inhumane death?

UNLIKE. Fuckers.

This post bought to you by several months of pent-up rage, and three glasses of wine.

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