Oct. 17th, 2016

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Dear Festividder,

Hello! I'm so glad we've been matched! Thank you so much for signing up and for having great taste in media :o) I'm so excited you'll be making me a video. I have very few specific requirements, and please take all of my general suggestions with a very large grain of salt and vid whatever truly speaks to you, because that's what makes the best vids - passion. 

When it comes to music I am open to most genres except thrash metal, opera, and country. I'd probably classify my taste as indie pop/rock, but the most important thing is that the song works for the video, so use that as your main music-picking criteria. I love discovering new songs.

If you're after specific direction about the fandoms I've chosen, then the following... probably won't be a lot of help. It's mostly me rambling about why I've chosen that particular source, but hopefully that's of some use. Just know that I love all the fandoms I've chosen, and if you vid any one of them it'll make me super happy. Oh, and I love treats, so if you're not assigned to me but something here captures your imagination, please don't hold back! :)

So without further ado, the requests:

Bdoubleo Live )

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