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Dear Festividder,

If you are half as excited as I am right now, then you are very excited indeed! Firstly, I want to thank you for signing up and for making me a vid. Regardless of anything I say beyond this point, please know that whatever you make, I will love! Sometimes the best vids are the ones you didn't know you wanted… so please feel free to ignore my suggestions and make the vid of your heart. However, if you're stuck for inspiration, hopefully the following will help.

But before we get to that - a word about musical selection: I'm pretty open to most genres, so I'm not going to make any specific song requests, but I do have a few things I prefer to avoid. I'm not particularly fond of country, opera or metal. Other than that, you're pretty safe.

Fandoms in alphabetical order:

Don't Trust The B**** In Apartment 23: This show is my new happy place. My sister kept telling me to watch it and eventually I caved, and consumed about half the first season in a single sitting. Chloe! She is so delightfully, adorably evil. Maybe you could focus on her. Or James, because he's so shallow and hilarious. Maybe you'd like to do a whacky team vid. I really don't mind, they'd all make me equally happy. That didn't help narrow things down much, did it?

Duran Duran (The Music Videos Of): Duran Duran have been my favorite band since I was 14. My bedroom was adorned with their posters. I kissed my John Taylor one every night. When Big Thing came out, I played Palomino every morning for an entire calendar year. I once won a competition to hang out in the Television NZ green room with Simon Le Bon (we discussed weird allergies - trufax). They were pioneers of the music video; one of the first bands to take the medium and really expand it. Antigua, Sri Lanka, Australia, they filmed them all over the place. Elephants and yachts and giant water-dunking windmills and prosthetic heads that breathed fire. Can actual music videos be vidded? I want to find out, Festividder! I would prefer the music selection to be a song that wasn't their own.

Flight Of The Conchords: I have a soft spot for these guys, being from New Zealand. I'm not sure they're even viddable, since most of the show is them sitting around looking bewildered. But I'm really keen to find out if it's possible. Brett/Jemaine bromance! Murray-centric. Teamy goodness. The choice is yours! Again, my preference is for a song other than their own, but obviously feel free to use whatever works best for you.

Game On: I ask for this show every year, but I suspect very few people have witnessed the brilliance that is Matt, Mandy and Martin, because so far no vids have been forthcoming. Between Mandy's inability to stop sleeping with everyone she meets, Martin's ginger pubes, and Matt's agoraphobia (which I have suffered from, and yet was not at all offended), it is British comic genius at its very best. I don't mind what you do here, Festividder, though I will admit to having a soft spot for Matt's antics trying to amuse himself while alone in the flat he cannot escape. As previously, my one requirement here is that you don't mix the Matts, for the actor who played him changed after season 1. I prefer Ben Chaplain over Neil Stuke but would be delighted with either.

James Bond Movies: I went to see A View To A Kill when Duran Duran did the theme tune. It was my first Bond movie, and I saw it in a theatre full of fanatics, who cheered and hollered whenever a classic Bond phrase was uttered. It was love at first sight. With bonus Christopher Walken! If you want to make this a safety fandom, Festividder, then I would be happy if you just did A View To A Kill. I'd prefer non-Bond-theme music, if possible. I'd also rather the Bonds weren't mixed, if you'd like to use multiple films - I have a soft spot for Roger Moore and also Daniel Craig, but I'm not really keen on the early ones (pre-Moore) or Timothy Dalton.

Paul Soares Jr Minecraft Let's Plays: My son discovered Minecraft while looking for Super Mario Bros walkthroughs on YouTube, and it's kind of overtaken our household. I was researching some game mods online, and came across Paul's videos. Paul was the original tutorial/let's play guy for Minecraft. You just need to Google him and you'll find his YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on there. There's lots of version previews and tutorials which would not make good vids, I fear. The ones you want, Festividder, are the custom map playthroughs. In these, Paul plays a character and often a story arc within the game. Given the huge amount of source, I suggest selecting a particular series to focus on. Custom maps include Inferno Mines, Spellbound Caves, Waking Up, Legend of Hoodie, Tale of Kingdoms, or his extensive Man vs Minecraft series (of which there is 5 seasons). Alternatively you might like to pick his multiplayer games, such as Man, Woman, Minecraft (where he plays Survival Island maps with his wife, who has no idea what she is doing, lol) or Punchwood Island which includes his kids as well. Or Mindcrack, which features a group of his friends. I have no idea how viddable this source is, but I am dying to see what it would look like! I probably spend more time watching Paul than I do TV right now, so you could say he's my main fandom.

Spiceworld: The Movie: Don't laugh, dear Festividder. I have always been kind of obsessed with The Spice Girls. Not really with their music but more with the phenomenon of them as people, and with what they did during a time that female bands were really not marketable. I don't really have a favorite Spice Girl (although I never really warmed to Victoria), so I'm keen to see a good, team vid featuring all of the girls.

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place: Another one I request every year, but at least now it's actually available on DVD. I love this show with a passion, and not just because of baby Ryan Reynolds and baby Nathan Fillion :o) Pete and Berg have one of the great TV bromances. And I also have quite the soft spot for mad Irene, the next door neighbor with a billion cats. Do whatever you want with this show, there is no way I will not love it. Really, you cannot fail with this one.

So there you have it, dear Festividder. I hope that, above all, you have fun making my vid. Thank you so very much!

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