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 Hello, dear Festividder!

Thank you so much for signing up to make a video. I couldn't be more delighted, so relax, the rest is easy :o) Whatever you make, I will love. I've provided some thoughts and suggestions (and some cases just general rambling) in case you're after some inspiration or prompting, but feel free to ignore all of it and vid whatever feels right to you.

In regards to song choice - I'm pretty open to most genres, so I'm not going to make any specific song requests, but I do have a few things I prefer to avoid. I'm not particularly fond of country, opera or metal. Other than that, you're pretty safe.

And now, to the fandoms:

Don't Trust The B**** In Apartment 23: I stumbled upon this show by happy accident a couple of years ago, when my sister encouraged me to watch it. I just love the team dynamic here - Chloe and June's relationship is really heartwarming in a twisted kind of way, and I adore James van der Beek taking the piss out of himself. So you can do no wrong here - make a Chloe being Chloe vid, or Chloe/June, or team whacky hijinks. All are equally adored and welcomed.

The Flight Of The Conchords: I'm probably being a bit cheeky here because I am fairly certain most of the show is just Brett & Jemaine standing around looking gormless, or sitting in Murray's office looking perplexed. This could be a challenge to vid, but I am quite convinced if someone were to try, it would be awesome. The world is crying out for a Brett/Jemaine bromance, or throw Murray in there as well. I dare you to vid this show!

Game On: This is one of those awesome British comedies where there's a small cast, great script, and not many episodes. I request this every year but so far no luck, as I might just be the only person in the universe who has ever watched it :o) This show would make a great team vid, or you could focus on Matt's attempts to keep himself amused while trapped in the apartment due to agoraphobia. As always, my one request is that you don't mix the Matts - either vid S1 with Ben Chaplain or S2/3 with Neil Stuke.

MacGyver: I can't believe I've never thought of requesting this before. It was one of my absolute favourite shows as a teenager. I haven't watched it in a zillion years but I have very fond memories of a young and handsome Richard Dean Anderson being all James Bond-like as he escaped from many perilous situations with his trusty duct tape, a paper clip, and a stick of gum. I'd love to see a vid of some really inventive Mac-doing-his-thing action.

Morganville The Series: I'm a bit personally invested in this one, because my friend is the author of the books it's based on, and she ran the Kickstarter campaign to get it made. She is also completely fine with it being vidded. It's a super safety fandom, with just six 10-15 minute webisodes which cover book one of the 15-book Morganville Vampires series. Robert Picardo and Amber Benson are in it, and it's premiering on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel on October 27, where the whole thing will screen for free, and in plenty of time for you to make a vid. The trailer is here. Festividder, you would make my year by vidding this one, and possibly history by being the first person to ever vid it.

Pauls Soares Jr Minecraft Let's Plays: Minecraft is my #1 fandom of the moment, and has been for about a year now. I watch more YouTube let's play videos of this than I watch TV. Paul was the first person to put a Minecraft let's play on YouTube, and now has over 1800 videos online. Don't let that scare you, though, because within that there are lots of different series, and you can pick any one of them. If you don't like first person POV then your best bet is Punchwood Island, sections of Minecraft Dad, or Man, Woman, Minecraft, which feature his family playing with him. Otherwise you can pick from Spellbound Caves for some nail-biting super-hostile map action, or Tale Of Kingdoms for funny role-play (with unicorns!), or any one of a number of others. You'll probably want to avoid the How To Survive & Thrive series, though, as it's mainly tutorials. I've never seen Minecraft actually vidded before, and I would really love to!

Twister: I'm an extreme weather enthusiast, and tornadoes in particular fascinate me. I follow all the US chaser web feeds, and guess which movie they ALL love? Twister! I think an all-out action vid with lots of tornadoes would be perfect for this movie. Extra points for the flying cow :o)

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place: This is another one I request every Festivids. It's one of my favourite sitcoms, and it took forever to come out on DVD, but now all 4 seasons are available. I love Ryan Reynolds. A Berg vid would make me all kinds of happy. But equally I would also love a team vid, or even an Irene vid. That crazy cat lady became one of my favourite characters, especially when she and Berg started going out!

So there you have it, eight equally-loved fandoms to choose from, and one already-happy recipient :o) Please, above all else, have lots of fun, vid what feels right, and Happy Festivids!

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Date: 2014-10-23 12:09 am (UTC)
thirdblindmouse: Steph carries Cass in her arms. (Cass/Steph)
From: [personal profile] thirdblindmouse
Yay, MacGyver! I've been requesting it for years. Strength in numbers?

(BTW, the cut tags seem to be messed up. Somehow the Let's Plays fandom wasn't visible at all from the inline expansions.)

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Date: 2014-10-23 01:06 am (UTC)
thirdblindmouse: Linda Keene finds the news shocking. (shocking news (Shall We Dance))
From: [personal profile] thirdblindmouse
OMG! You must tell me all about it afterward.

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Date: 2014-10-23 10:01 pm (UTC)
anr: (Default)
From: [personal profile] anr
I think there's something wrong with your moodtheme. The actual mood images don't appear and every time your post loads in my flist (or when I visit your journal), a un/pw box appears asking for access to your site. Just FYI.

On a more post-related note, I secretly hope you get either the MacGyver or Twister videos because your requests sound awesome! :)

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Date: 2014-10-27 08:27 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for the heads-up! I was having the same issue but didn't realise the mood theme was causing it. I was hosting it at a web site that no longer exists - oops! I've just picked a default instead. No time to set up a new custom one :)

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