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This year I made two vids for my recipient CherryIce. As with last year, I matched on a particular source and then chose something different from my recipient's request list, which meant I had to watch all of BBC's Planet Earth before I started. As a result I only just made it in a couple of days before the deadline, and then decided to vid what I had matched on as well, for a treat. Happily, with some ruthless pruning of the song, I was able to finish that in time as well.

Vid one - Love Will Always Win/Planet Earth

I just had to pick this as my assignment because the source was so visually stunning. The hard part was choosing what to focus on, but as I watched my way through the source what struck me was the irrepressible spirit that nature has, always bouncing back, trees growing again after brutal winters or bush fires, little ducks flinging themselves off of cliffs to follow their parents to food. The song choice came easily after that, though I was a little concerned that choosing a New Zealand band would give my identity away.

Vid two - Superstar/The Muppets

This was my original assignment match. It's the most specific request I've ever fulfilled, but I really wanted to use this song and it was so perfect for a Miss Piggy video. At first I was worried I wouldn't have enough source, but with all the web content available and the new show that's just screened, I had just enough. Piggy, you are so awesome :o)

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