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Dear Festividder,

Hello! I'm so glad we've been matched! Thank you so much for signing up and for having great taste in media :o) I'm so excited you'll be making me a video. I have very few specific requirements, and please take all of my general suggestions with a very large grain of salt and vid whatever truly speaks to you, because that's what makes the best vids - passion. 

When it comes to music I am open to most genres except thrash metal, opera, and country. I'd probably classify my taste as indie pop/rock, but the most important thing is that the song works for the video, so use that as your main music-picking criteria. I love discovering new songs.

If you're after specific direction about the fandoms I've chosen, then the following... probably won't be a lot of help. It's mostly me rambling about why I've chosen that particular source, but hopefully that's of some use. Just know that I love all the fandoms I've chosen, and if you vid any one of them it'll make me super happy. Oh, and I love treats, so if you're not assigned to me but something here captures your imagination, please don't hold back! :)

So without further ado, the requests:

Bdoubleo Live (Web): Bdoubleo (real name John) is a YouTuber who plays Minecraft, among other things, and for the majority of this year has been uploading a daily vlog that features the day-to-day shenanigans of him, his wife Nicole, and his two daughters Ariana and Eden (one of whom was born on film - but don’t worry, there’s nothing too graphic in the delivery episode). I love this vlog because John and Nicole are normal, flawed people and parents, and Ariana is a hoot. It’s clear how much they all love each other and I’d like a vid that captures the lovely dynamic, and perhaps the funny bits like John’s grilling failures and Ariana’s dancing or her penchant for running into furniture. Honestly, she has no sense of self-preservation. There’s loads of source (find it here) but if the sheer volume of it is overwhelming, I don’t mind if you just pick three consecutive hours’ worth (10-12 eps) and focus on those.
Game On (TV): This is one of my perennial nominations - I ask every year in the hope that someone out there loves (or will come to love) this fandom as much as I do. It’s one of those awesome British shows like Blackadder and Red Dwarf that relies on just a few characters and a banging script. It’s hilariously inappropriate, especially as a lot of the gags are either about sex or poor Matt the agoraphobic (who can't leave the flat and will do almost anything to keep himself amused). As someone who was once almost housebound with the same condition, I find this particularly funny in a twisted kind of way. Unfortunately they changed the actor for Matt after season one, so if you vid this, you can't really do the whole show. Either vid the Ben Chaplain eps or the Neil Stuke ones. I would be equally happy with either, but to mix them would be a bit weird, I think. If you pick the Ben Chaplain episodes it would effectively make this a safety fandom.
Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place (TV): This is another perennial request - I’ve asked for it at every Festivids I’ve participated in (all bar the first one), and I’ve even vidded it as an assignment for someone else. This show is one of my very favourite American sitcoms, and I think it’s seriously underrated. Not only is it super funny, but it stars Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion as very young men, before they got really famous. It has a lovely team dynamic with a host of funny characters like Irene the mad cat lady and acerbic Ashley. I am a sucker for both bromance and team vids, and this show gives you both options. It's a fandom with which you can't go wrong.
Paul Soares Jr Plays Spellbound Caves (Web): A couple of years ago my son asked me if he could install a Minecraft mod pack called Twilight Forest. I had no idea what it was, so I Googled it and stumbled upon Paul Soares Jr's Man vs Minecraft series on YouTube, one season of which features that mod pack. Before I knew it I had been watching for hours, and an obsession was born that still lives on today. Paul is the original Minecraft "let's play" guy; he published the first YouTube tutorial for it and launched himself a career as a YouTuber in the process. He's known for being the ultimate survivor (his fans are called Soarvivors) due to his ability to get through super-hostile maps without his character dying. One such map is Spellbound Caves, a fiendishly hard "complete the monument" challenge. He played it on ultra-hardcore mode which means that death finishes your game; no re-spawning. It is the most riveting, tense Minecraft playthrough I have ever watched, and a vid of it would thrill me to bits. The url for the playlist on YouTube is here.
Time Team (TV): I just loved this show. I think I’ve watched almost every episode ever made - and there are loads! I’m especially obsessed with Roman archaeology and mosaic floors (the first episode I ever watched was the Turkdean dig), so, given the size of the massive back-catalogue is a bit daunting, I’d be delighted if you just concentrated on the episodes where they dug up cool Roman stuff. My favourite cast members were Mick Aston and his many amazing jumpers, and Phil Harding and his disgusting old hat. Oh, and of course, Tony “may I come in your trench” Robinson :o).
How To Dad (Web, Safety): Reflective of the fact that web content makes up more and more of my viewing these days, here's another web fandom request. How To Dad is a down-to-earth Kiwi bloke’s tongue-in-cheek set of instructional videos on how be a dad. It’s the ultimate safety fandom, made up of (currently) 37 videos, all bar one of which are under 2 minutes long. They’re brief, but stuffed with viddable content and I think a vid in this fandom would be utterly hilarious. Find the videos here.
MacGyver (TV, original series): It's not often a show I've been truly fannish about fits into the "small fandom" category but MacGyver is one of them. I had the biggest crush on this show and on Richard Dean Anderson in my teens. I loved that he was clever and geeky and cool all at once. Early on he was kind of James Bond-y as well, minus the gun. I would really love a vid of Mac getting out of dangerous situations with his clever improvised gadgets.

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