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Over the weekend I went to Auckland's only (more or less) con, for my annual weekend of geek. As usual, much fun was had.

Adventures in geek-land... )
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As promised, I've ditched my LJ paid account and paid up with Dreamwidth instead. *\O/*

Honestly, I posted one unlocked post at LJ the other day and it's already been inundated with spam. I'm just sick of it. My extra LJ userpics run out in a couple of weeks, and the whole paid account in December, so I finally took the plunge. I've paid for the DW account, imported my icons, and deleted all bar 6 back at LJ. I've also started uploading my old-skool Cordy mood theme, which I made myself back in the day when I had time to do such things. Fingers crossed it works!

So from now on, posting at DW and crossposting to LJ, and monitoring friends lists on both. 
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Hello dear Festividder,

Thank you for participating!

Firstly, just the fact that you are offering to make a vid in one of my chosen fandoms fills me with joy, so I know I will love whatever you make me.

Secondly, a blanket statement about music. I won't be requesting any specific songs. Music is such a personal choice for vidding and I want you to choose what you feel works for the vid best. Also, I've discovered so many new, awesome songs by watching vids, why would I want to limit what I could receive to only songs I know? The world is your musical oyster, Festividder. My only request is that I would prefer to stick to the mainstream or alternative pop/rock spectrum. I have fairly broad tastes but tend to struggle a little with full on thrash metal, country & western, or opera :o)

My requests:

The Flight Of The Conchords: Any vid of this show would reduce me to giggling and flailing of hands. Focus on one character, both the boys, whatever takes your fancy. It can be slashy, it can be silly, I don't care. I would prefer that their own songs weren't used for the vid, but if you feel that's the best choice, go for it.

Game On: Oh, this SHOW!  Any kind of vid would be awesome. I'd be equally happy with team vid or a Matt vid. Should you fancy doing the latter, my one request is that you don't mix the Matts. Either Ben Chaplain or Neil Stuke, I don't mind, but it would probably be weird to have both actors in the one vid.

How I Met Your Mother: A team vid would make me jump up and down with glee. If you want to focus on one character, Barney is my favourite, but I'd be delighted with any of the others, too.

Quantum Leap: Oh, Sam. *sigh* It's all about Sam. Extra points for bare Sam torso :o) If you would rather do a buddy Sam/Al vid, that's fantastic too.

Sing Blue Silver: To clarify, this is the 1980's documentary of Duran Duran's stadium tour of America. This would be the vid of my heart. I'd prefer a song not by Duran Duran, but again, if you feel that would better suit, then by all means use one.

Stargate (1994): Spader as Daniel Jackson. OMG that man. I'd love a Daniel-centric vid, or a Daniel/Jack buddy vid.

Storm Chasers: Okay, THIS would be the vid of my heart, too. Tornadoes! Reed, Sean, Tim! The TIV! The Dominator! It's on Discovery, eps are easily downloadable. The more tornadoes, the more I will squee. You could not go wrong with this vid, honestly.

Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place: Also known latterly as Two Guys and A Girl. Pete, Berg, Sharon! Together or separately, I'm bound to be delighted. This is the show that introduced me to both Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion. That much awesome together on one screen, how can it be that this is not out on DVD? But you can download it, Festividder. Team vid? Awesome. Mad Irene the cat lady? Awesome! Focus on a ship, one character, or the whole gang. I will be filled with GLEE.

Thank you, Festividder, and please, most of all, have fun with your choice.


Oct. 7th, 2011 01:22 am
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Yes, it is worthy of caps-locked squeeeeing. Festivids is AWESOME!
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Festivids reveals are up! Which means I can now post the vid I made for [ profile] chamalla 

Title: State of Confusion
Vidder: Little Heaven
Fandom: The Big Lebowski (Movie)
Music: "State of Confusion" by The Kinks
Summary: They peed on his f***ing rug. Warnings for a strobing edit at 00.14-00.16, drug use, severed toes, and an alarming lack of narrative. This vid, like The Dude, is in a state of confusion :o)

Download (mp4, DivX, iPod) and streaming (Quicktime) links at my site.

Also, another massive big thank-you to [ profile] valika56  for my adorable Incredibles vid.
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Cut for bigness...

Shocking video revalation under the cut! )Edited to add that the video may not be showing up yet... YouTube needs to process it or something.
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Throwing this one out to the hive mind:

If you have a small bathroom you're going to renovate, do you tile the floor and the walls different colours to make it look larger, or all the same colour? I'm not sure which would give the illusion of more space.
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Firstly, thank you so much for making me a vid. I've never had one made especially for me before, so I know that whatever fandom and form it comes in, it'll be special.

I didn't use many prompts at signup because I'm pretty open to whatever people would like to do with my nominated fandoms. As long as the music isn't country, opera or thrash metal, I'm happy!

Game On
It's a fairly obscure show, so I don't know if it's likely to be vidded, but if it is, I'd either like a nice team vid, or a Matthew-centric one. My only request is not to mix the two Matthews (he was played by a different actor in Season 1) so I guess that means the vid will have to be either all Season 1 or all Seasons 2-3.

How I Met Your Mother
I'd be happy with any vid for the show, but I'd be particularly squeeful over a Barney-centric one. Is it possible to contain that much awesome in a vid?

The Incredibles
I'd love to see a kickass action vid to this. Lots of fast cutting and movement.

Quantum Leap
Saaaaammmmm! I fangirled this show before I even knew what fangirling was. Any vid would make me happy. Extra points for as much bare Sam torso as possible ;o)

Red Dwarf
This show holds a special place in my heart. The awesome script! The tacky sets! The polymorph! I envisage some sort of whacky team capers vid for this - I think I'd prefer that over a character-centric one.

Sing Blue Silver
This was an on-the-road "rockumentary" of Duran Duran's first big stadium tour of America. I don't even know if it lends itself well to being vidded, but oh how I hope someone out there is able to tackle this, because out of all the fandoms I've picked, this one would probably make me scream with glee just a little bit extra. I was SUCH a Durannie as a teenager. If possible, I'd like a John-centric vid, but I'd be happy with anything. Using their own music or another band is fine - I have no preference either way.

Stargate (1994)

Two words - Daniel Jackson. That is all :o)

This Is Spinal Tap
Another "rocumentary," only this is a "mockumentary." Again, not sure how well it would translate into vid form, but it's completely hilarious and if someone could make this work to some big-hair rock I'd be thrilled.

Thank you so much! I hope something on this list inspires you and that you enjoy vidding it.
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Video Title: Dance Across The Floor
Song Title/Artist: Dance Across The Floor by Jimmy Bo Horne
Source: Scrubs Seasons 1 - 8
Summary: The dancing doctors of Sacred Heart get their disco on
Length/Format: 2:33, Xvid, iPod/iPhone, embedded stream
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid, [community profile] vividcon 2010. Thanks to [personal profile] charmax for previewing, and to [personal profile] fan_eunice  for preview, encouragement and general hand-holding during a period of technical crisis

Let's do it, let's dance... )
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Video Title: Dance Across The Floor
Song Title/Artist: Dance Across The Floor by Jimmy Bo Horne
Source: Scrubs Seasons 1 - 8
Summary: The dancing doctors of Sacred Heart get their disco on
Length/Format: 2:33, Xvid, iPod/iPhone, embedded stream
Notes: Premiered at Club Vivid, [community profile] vividcon 2010. Thanks to [ profile] charmax  and [ profile] switch842  for previewing, and to [ profile] fan_eunice  for preview, encouragement and general hand-holding during a period of technical crisis

Let's do it, let's dance... )
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I'm participating in the AVA tournament at the moment, where my vids are pitted against others from the same fandom. Shameless self-promotion ensues! Link to the voting page below. I have vids in BTVS/Angel, Firefly and Stargate, but there are tremendous vids across a range of fandoms so go, watch, vote for your favourites.

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I think I missed it (stupid time difference) but hope you had a great birthday, [ profile] switch842 !
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After a craptastic start to the week, today brought some squee-worthy news.

Michael Shanks is coming to Armageddon Expo this year. And guess who has secured one of only 20 passes to have brunch with him? ME! It's my 40th birthday in September, and I wasn't sure what to ask my parents for as my pressie. Now I know :o) The pass also gets me admission to the entire expo all weekend, a special Stargate pass card, two 8x10 autographed photos, and a photo op.

Hopefully he won't cancel this year, as happened in 2008. Apparently if he can't come and they can't get an equal calibre SG1 guest, I'll get a full refund. So that's cool.

OMG AAAHHHHH! I need to think of some good questions to ask him. At least I have until end of October to come up with them.
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So... hubby had a PET scan last month. That's where they inject a radioactive glucose solution into the bloodstream, and the cancer cells gobble it up faster than the normal cells, and then they scan you to see what lights up.

The good news is that the tumour on his liver is the only one showing. Apparently cancer cells, being clones of one another, tend to grow at the same rate, so if there were others, we should expect to see them by now. This is of the good. Also, they believe the tumour in question is not a new thing, but rather was there before the whole exploding bowel incident that led to his diagnosis, and was kept tiny enough to evade scans by the chemo, and has only now been able to grow big enough to be seen. This is also of the good, because it means that the scenario of aggressive cancer still roaming his body attacking the organs post-chemo is less likely.

NZ's health system means we could go public for free, but probably be on a waiting list for some time, and recovery would be in a ward full of incontinent sick old men (a friend was recently in one where he was attacked by a crazy old naked dude from the bed next door). Or, since we have private insurance that I took out some 14 years ago, we could choose to pay the deductible and claim on that. No waiting, top-notch surgeon, and treatment in a private hospital with a single room and satellite TV. Guess which option we chose? We're booked in for next Wednesday, which translates to only having to wait long enough to get the insurance claim pre-approved. Still waiting for that to come through, but should hopefully be done by Friday.

The best news? 50% of people who have this surgery in these circumstances go on to be CURED of their cancer.

Liver surgery is no walk in the park. It used to have a high mortality rate, but that's much better these days.

So, thank you all for your positive thoughts, and if I could impose on you all for some more on the 26th (that's the 25th in US/UK), I would be most grateful.


Apr. 25th, 2010 10:24 am
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I love to vid more than anything in the world. Now that Griffin no longer naps, the amount of time I can spend on my iMac is very limited, and he's not allowed in the computer room, so I have decided I need a portable option. A MacBook pro would run the same vidding software I use on the iMac, and because I keep all my project files and source clips on an external drive (well, two, because I am paranoid), I could just move the drive between machines as required (or stream wirelessly within the house).

However, a MacBook Pro is $2000 NZ for the 13" and I have promised myself no more naughty buying on credit, like I have been doing lately (up to my eyeballs in debt, yo), especially considering hubby's non-working status. So I am saving up. Yesterday I sold some old unwanted gold I had stashed in a jewellery box in the back of my dresser.

Hence, I present to you, the official MacBook Pro Savings ticker. Let's hope I have occasion to post it often and improved :o)

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Gakked from everyone...

visited 16 states (7.11%)
Create your own visited map of The World
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I am really, properly vidding for the first time in over 2 years. I feel like I have come home.
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Many happy returns to [ profile] shangri__la  ! Hope you have a great day, hun.

Cake time!

Mar. 22nd, 2010 08:51 am
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A great big Happy Birthday to my fellow antipodean [ profile] auntyk ! I hope you have a fab day.
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Lots of love going out to [ profile] fan_eunice who shares a birthday with my Mummy. Cool people are born on this day, obviously.

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