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A couple of little snippits of video under the cut...

The boys from Atlantis... )

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*gigglesnort* )More pics and video to follow soon...
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Guess who had a blast at Armageddon Expo yesterday?

Here's a clue... )
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Had a nice day today at Armageddon.  This is the third year I've been.  Almost didn't go as the only good guest was Joe Flanigan and I've met him already.  Then when I checked the website at the last minute I found Chris Judge had been added, so I pawned the baby off on my mother and sister, and headed on into town.

I met [personal profile] obsessive24!  She was so sweet, and one of the few people on the planet shorter than me ;o)  (Sorry, Nicky!)  We sat on the floor and ate pizza and talked vidding and fanfiction and I am sure I bored her silly.  Then she came to Chris Judge's Stargate SG-1 panel with me (can one person be referred to as a panel?).  It was so cool to meet another vidder.  We were saying to my hubby that we don't know of any other live-action vidders in New Zealand (although I am sure there are plenty).

After the panel I said goodbye to Nicky and hubby and I went over to the autographs area.  I took my photo op from Burbank for Chris to sign.  While standing in the queue waiting for the autograph counter to open, I was standing right opposite Chris, who was seated at the table waiting for everyone to come down the line.  So I had a wee chat with him :o)  I told him that I went to Burbank to see him and Michael in 2005, and he said "I'm so sorry!"  LOL!  He said he was probably drunk or hungover at the time, and I reminded him that he'd said it was the first one he'd done sober in years, though he did throw a sausage across the room.  He remembered doing that, and said his mother was there, and she was less than impressed with his behaviour.  Hubby asked him if he was going to play any golf here, but apparently Chris has injured his knee.  Then the line started moving, and we were no longer close enough to chat.  When I had purchased my ticket I took my photo over to him and he said he looked really hungover in it.  He was kind enough to pose for a photo.  Afterwards hubby said what a nice guy Chris was.  Hubby isn't easily impressed by celebrities, so this was high praise indeed.

I had fun.  Still hoping for Michael Shanks next year. *g*
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Today I went to Auckland's only Sci-Fi convention, Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo. This is the one I met Torri Higginson and Cliff Simon at last year. I only went for a couple of hours, but caught the SG1 panel with Tony Amendola and Colin Cunningham. They were great. Very funny, especially Colin with his stories about being accosted by Goran Visnic from ER on the set of Electra (who it turns out is a huge SG1 fan), and also of working in phone sales and how one guy there took 20 hits of breath freshner, lit his breath, panicked at the resulting fireball, inhaled it, coughed it back out and set fire to his own hair!

I got autographs from Tony, Colin, and also Summer Glau.  All were nice enough to pose for photos.  Also, my hubby took a sneaky pic of Rachel Luttrell and David Nykl.  All in all a fun couple of hours.

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Next month is the annual Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo in Auckland.  Those on my f-list might remember last year I had a blast meeting Torri Higginson and Cliff Simon.

This year I'm looking forward to meeting Rachel Luttrell and David Nykl from Stargate Atlantis, Colin Cunningham and Tony Amendola (YAY) from Stargate SG-1, and Summer Glau from Firefly.  I hope nobody pulls out.  Gary Jones has already cancelled.  Last year Chris Judge was supposed to come but didn't due to "work commitments" - although it was later admitted during the Stargate panel that he'd gone somewhere exotic to play golf.

What?  Auckland's not exotic? *pout*
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Just a quick picspam post. I'll have to type out what I can remember of the panel after I've done some housework. And laundry. There are no clean undies left!

I picked up my photo op today. Torri is just the cutest thing ever. I love that this came out so nicely.

Clicky for the piccy )

I'll do a report of the Q&A panel later, and my husband's close encounters with lots of famous people he didn't even know LOL.
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Yesterday I got my "EasyVote" pack in the mail, for next week's General Election. I always feel emotional when I go to vote. Not sure why. Maybe it's beacuse New Zealand was the first country in the world to give women the vote. Maybe it's beacause there are so many people in the world who have to fight and sometimes die for the privilege, or know that any vote they do cast will be nullified by a corrupt government. Whatever the reason, it's a special feeling to know you are doing something that may possibly change your country's history. Especially this year, where the two major parties are polling exactly neck and neck, it makes each vote feel more important. So I've tucked my special little electoral ID card in my wallet and next week hopefully we'll have a new Government :crosses fingers:

On lighter subjects - I was woken early yesterday morning by a bunch of brickies who had arrived to work on the new house behind ours. It sounded like they were using a pneumatic post-hole borer. Then they turned on the radio and started singing really loud. It was like Butt-crack Idol out there. Actually, some of them weren't bad. Kinda ruined my sleep-in though.

Heh. I've ordered Stargate Atlantis Season 1 on DVD. It was cheap, and I think it's kinda growing on me, from the early eps I managed to download. Besides, everyone's raving about Season 2, so I want to get the back-story in. Torri Higginson and Joe Flanigan will be here in a few weeks for Armageddon Pulp Expo. There is going to be an NZ premiere screening of The Rising (yep, it's never been on TV here!) introduced by Torri and loads of Stargate giveaways, so I'm going to that. I want to get a photo op with Torri, she was such a sweetie to me at Burbank. She kissed me and told me I was adorable :o) And at Armageddon, they're only $25NZ each. May as well get one with Joe, too. Chris Judge was coming but had to cancel. Damn.

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