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Heh, so much for Lorazepam only lasting 6 hours. I swear I'm still fuzzy around the edges over 24 hours later! Felt a bit sick this morning when I woke up, but that might just be PMS. Anyway, I'm not worried about my stash of 15 (well, 14 now) pills running out, like I was prior to the trial.

Linus - well you wouldn't even know to look at him today that there had been anything wrong with him yesterday. That bird is a total mystery. At death's door one minute, and trying to mount his girlfriend the next... :facepalm: I'm pondering the theory that because there's a couple of tiny rust spots where the powder-coating has come off his cage, maybe he's been poisoned by it?

WOOT! The NZ Warriors just beat the Brisbane Broncos 30-18. Good sporting weekend all round, I'd say.
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Have discovered the perils of driving while under the influence of Lorazepam. Went to the emergency vet for some "budgie booster" (a mixture of antibiotics, multivitamins and milk powder) since Linus was looking dire. Hit two chicanes and the edge of the neighbours garden. Luckily the only damage done was a bit of a bump to the wheel alignment, which needs redoing anyway.

Linus, having excreted numerous colourful and slimy substances from both ends (eeeewwww), had me frantic with worry. But he's actually eaten something since I syringed the budgie booster down his throat, and looks more comfortable, if a bit worn out. I've got him well covered with a 60watt bulb for heat, which I think he's enjoying. If he's not back to his old, perky self tomorrow, I'm going to track down a good avian vet to look after him. I can't have my poor mother worried to death when she baby sits him while I'm in LA. I don't mind holding a screaming bird in one hand, and a syringe full of goo in the other, and trying to get both to co-operate. I think she will

Ack, still very mellow and drowsy, and still can't type properly yet. Time since consumption of pill 10 hours 28 minutes.

Side effects noticed. A vaguely dry mouth, a weeny headache (althouth I had one before I took it...), lack of motivation, no concentration, drowsiness. Those I can live with. I proclaim the trial a success. YAY.

Oh, and WELL DONE ALL BLACKS who won 21-3, and never looked in danger of losing at any stage of the game. Ya did good, boys!
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Hey ho, now 3 hours 40 minutes since consumption. Still can't type with out steely concentration. I'm a little bit disoriented and unsteady on my feet in that vaguely tottery way you get after having had just one more glass of wine than was wise. But generally feel pretty chilled out and capable of getting myself through customs unaided, though I've yet to try a conversation with anyone that involves my mouth.

In the meantime by darling budgie Linus has been sick all over himself and is now looking exremely seedy (pardon the pun). Am in no fit state to drive to vet - rang them anyway and they have no appointements left today. When hubby gets home we might try the after hours guys.

Linus went through a patch where he puked a lot, then bounced right back to be fine, then puked again. I don't remember him being so shaky for so long after though, he's not even touching his millett. I'm worried about the little mite, I'd be shattered if he died. I've got a heat lamp on him and am keeping him quiet. Anyone used to dealing with barfing budgies (parakeets)?

Housework has been sort of done. The vaccumm was waved in a cursory fashion around the living room, and some towels have been washed. The grand plan to wash and press my entire LA wardrobe's looking a bit wobbly, however.

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