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It was a great (and surprising) weekend for New Zealand, sports-wise.

The All Blacks beat Scotland to claim the Grand Slam (Wales, Ireland, England and Scotland in one tour). That makes their record this season 11 wins, 1 loss. They won the Tri-Nations, the Bledisloe Cup, the British & Irish Lions Tour and the Grand Slam. At the IRB awards they were named best Rugby Union team in the world. Graham Henry got best coach, and [ profile] stephicozar will be pleased to know that Daniel Carter was named the best player in the world for this year. Little stud-muffin that he is :o)

That was the great part. The very great and very surprising part was that the NZ Rugby League team won the tri-series involving us, Great Britain and Australia (the world champs). Australia haven't lost a series for over 30 years. We beat them in the final 24-0. :thud:

Our cousins across the Tasman had a bad weekend with the oval ball - Australian Rugby Union team also lost to Wales, who the All Blacks beat by 40 points.

Their cricket team is still humping the West Indies though. And we have to play them next week! :shiver:

That is all.

ETA Who is the lunatic who gave my husband a harmonica? And how can I do them serious harm? He's watching Star Trek TNG, complete with musical accompaniment...

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