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A while ago [personal profile] psychofilly posted the following challenge: You choose an icon that you want me to write fic about, and I do it. It can be one of your icons or one of my icons. It can be any icon as long as you save it (don't hotlink!) and are able to post it in my comments so I can see it.

She wrote me the excellent fic "Sparring" and I then had to respond in kind.

The icon she gave to to write to is this one:

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Wow, wow, wow.

I loved Ripple Effect! I enjoyed it more than any ep since Lost City.

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Just a quick picspam post. I'll have to type out what I can remember of the panel after I've done some housework. And laundry. There are no clean undies left!

I picked up my photo op today. Torri is just the cutest thing ever. I love that this came out so nicely.

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I'll do a report of the Q&A panel later, and my husband's close encounters with lots of famous people he didn't even know LOL.
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Okay, so here's what happened this afternoon.

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Have just fallen in the door after an excellent afternoon at the Armageddon Pulp Expo right here in Auckland. Will post some images and a proper run-down after I've had a cup of tea and a chance to calm down, but Stargate fans... I got a hug from Baal! And Torri Higginson, who remembered me and my "kiss me" shirt from Burbank. I also spoke with someone from Babylon 5, even though I didn't realise it until afterwards LOL. And Richard Hatch was standing right next to me for a while too.

Wheeee! Need. Tea.


Jul. 21st, 2005 08:07 am
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Okay, they're only teeny-tiny identification thumbnails (I'll scan bigger copies when the pics arrive) but here are my photo ops from the Burbank Con. That thing Michael is holding on my knee is my holiday mascot, Cha'aka the monkey...

Me and Michael Me and Chris Me and Michael and Cha'aka

Can't wait for the 8"x10" prints!


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