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Dear Equinox Vidder,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making me a vid. I love all these fandoms, so no matter what you make, I will be ecstatic.

If you need guidance on music, then my preferred genre is indie pop-rock, but my tastes often swing all the way from hard rock to electronica and everything in between, so I'm pretty easy-going. The main thing is that it works for the vid you want to make. My only firm dislikes are country, opera and death metal.

And now, a bit on each of my chosen fandoms :O)

I came to Stargate SG-1 after some hard-core Daniel Jackson pimping from my dear friend, Rachel Caine. For me, the show was all about Daniel, but I also grew to love and treasure the dynamic between the original team. When Daniel died at the end of Season 5, I was devastated. As such, I've only ever watched Season 6 once, and apart from the eps with Daniel in them, I wouldn't watch it again. When Daniel came back in Season 7, I was overjoyed. I don't think the show was as good after Jack stopped going out with the team, so if you want to just focus on one of the earlier seasons to cut the overwhelming amount of source down to something manageable, that's great.

As a BTVS/Angel fan, I watched Firefly for the Whedon of it all, and what I got was an amazing, original, quirky, amazing show. I don't have a favourite character (maybe Mal, by a whisker?) so feel free to either highlight one person of your choosing or make an epic team vid. I'll be happy either way. Include Serenity movie footage if you want. But please omit any scenes with puking in them - I have a phobia.

I started watching this show just last year, after hearing that Jewel Staite was coming to a local expo (she later had to pull out, darnit). I'd seen Season 1 when it first came out, but never got into it at the time. This time around, I really loved it. Rodney is my favourite character, and his dynamic with John. I don't ship them - I just love the way they are with each other. And, if you're sensing a team theme emerging, you're right; I'd love a team vid with John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla. I also have a soft spot for Atlantis itself, as a character.

My late husband had a friend at work who owned every episode of every Star Trek ever made. So he started watching Voyager, and about halfway through, I got into it too. Then hubby's friend moved to Australia, halfway through Season 7! Woe! Did they get home? Did they escape The Borg? We had to wait until each new tape became available at Blockbuster to see the next few eps, and finally finish the series. I just loved the concept of the crew trying to get home througout the entire 7-season arc. I fell in love with the characters. I rewatched the earlier seasons, but my favourite characters were always Seven of Nine and the Doctor. So a Seven or Doctor vid, or a wonderful team one would be lovely.

I really enjoyed TNG the TV series, and especially the later seasons. This movie puts the characters I love and the Borg (my favourite alien enemy) into a convenient safety-fandom sized package.

Like I said, I'm fairly relaxed about what you make me - just follow your heart and vid what makes you happy, and that will shine through and be awesome.

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